Open Positions at the NEZF

Open Positions at the NEZF

In our October 2022 meeting, elections were held.

Elected Trusted Servants
Chair : Wilvena G
Vice-Chair : James P
Treasurer : Sam S
Fellowship Development Chair : Sarah L
Guidelines Workgroup : Mike A

Open Positions
Public Relations Chair
IT Services Chair

Project Leads
If the project plans pass in January 2023, the following positions will be open for nomination/volunteer at that meeting

H&I Ad-Hoc Chair
Service Symposium Ad-Hoc Chair

Future of the WSC Workgroup
There is going to be another World Services Workgroup on the topic of the Future of the WSC in the 2023 Conference Approval Track. As such, World Services is asking for zones to again select someone to serve in this workgroup.

The NEZF will be taking nominees for this position in January 2023 for selection at the World Service Conference in April 2023