NEZF Strategic Planning 2022 – FD, H&I, Service Symposium

NEZF Strategic Planning 2022 – FD, H&I, Service Symposium

On October 29th, 2022, the NEZF spent all day brainstorming and prioritizing issues, goals, and approaches to better serve our members and message. All members that were present in-person or online had an equal voice in the planning day.

The 3 products of that planning day were projects that involved direct outreach to areas and regions, having a zonal H&I ad-hoc, and having a zonal service symposium with the hope that NESSSNA would move to being hosted by the NEZF.

Click here to download the project plan templates (not yet complete – just has the bare issues/goals/approaches)

These projects are out to the regions of the NEZF for approval in January. If passed, 2 of them will need members to step up as trusted servants at the zone (Zonal H&I, Zonal Symposium) and the other will need members to join NEZF FD to help get the work done there.

Here are some of the pictures of the work that brought us to these projects